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Outdoor Family Fun Winter Games

November 1st, 2013 9:55 pm

When winter officially arrives and the first snow falls, many people enjoy snuggling up inside the house in front of a blazing fire with a cup of hot cocoa. The change in weather tends to bring everyone closer together and brighten our moods, at first. However, after Christmas has came and went and the snow is still here, we begin to get tired of being cramped inside, especially the kids. Just because it’s cold outside and there is snow on the ground doesn’t mean that you can’t go outside and have some family fun time together. There are many different things that you can do outside during the winter months and one of them is playing games together.

The problem is that most people think it’s a game just for the summer months. This isn’t true – in fact, when you play it in the winter it gets a lot more fun as you will slip and slide in the snow! All you need to do is get a strong and sturdy rope and divide your family members into two teams. Then you’re ready to go. To make the game more interesting, invite some of the neighbors. You can even have a winter Tug of War Tournament if all the kids and adults on your block play. The Biggest Snowball can be played individually or divided into teams. All you have to do is have snow and you’re all set. Players will race around the yard pushing their snowballs with the goal of creating the Biggest Snowball of all the contestants. The only rule is that the competition ends when all the snow has been rolled up. Have fun!

Your family can create their own Track and Field competition. The snow can make for some interesting races. You can have a 100 yard dash, long jump, snowball throw, snow hurdles and more. If you decide to have a winter Track and Field competition, then you have to include the snow hurdles. This is one of the most fun snow games to play. Of course, you will have to build the snow hurdles, but once that is done and the race begins – it’s a lot of fun. Wintertime is a fun time of year, but can get a little mundane after the initial novelty of the season wears off. However, if you’ve got snow on the ground, you can really shake things up a bit for your family. Don’t be afraid to get outside and play in the snow – it’s a great family activity as well as good exercise for everyone.

Story of the Backgammon Set

November 1st, 2013 9:52 pm

According to recent research the backgammon game was first played in the areas now occupied by modern day Iraq and Iran. The basic elements of the backgammon board game were constructed of the materials widely used in the ancient world to create a variety of vessels. Stones would have been used for checkers and the dice may have been carved out of bone. Although the materials used to construct the ancient backgammon set are no longer in use, the division of the backgammon board into twenty-four triangular-shaped sections and the allocation of fifteen checkers to each player appear to have been features of the backgammon set from the beginning. Similarly, the backgammon rules that are followed today can claim the same ancient antecedence.

As people soon discovered that how to play backgammon was easy to learn and the game was fun to play the backgammon set became a common sight in homes or meeting places where gaming took place. In the course of time, wood became the dominant material in the construction of backgammon boards and checkers, though porcelain and a variety of other materials were also employed. At the upper end of the market, the wealthiest members of society that liked to play backgammon, had backgammon sets made of materials that reflected their social standing. Highly decorative boards could be produced and precious metals used to make the checkers and dice. .

Up until the end of the nineteenth century backgammon sets were produced for personal usage by whoever wanted to play backgammon, or a set may have been ordered from a local craftsman. With the introduction of modern mass production, backgammon sets made their appearance on the shop shelves. Today these cheap sets are within the pocket money range of most children in the western world.

The growth of online backgammon has also recently provided a new alternative to the traditional backgammon set. Stimulated by the popularity of backgammon gambling, the amazing development of backgammon software has made available highly realistic looking Internet backgammon sets that look so real you almost feel as if you can reach out into the screen and throw the dice or move a checker. However, the growing following of the online game does not seem to have dented the market for the traditional backgammon boards, checkers and dice but rather it has provided new ways of buying these. There is no longer any need to go to the nearest toy store.